Stay & Play

Under New

Ownership as of

July 15th, 2013!

New owners & hosts, Heinz & Linda Fitz, invite you to experience their espresso china hutch and golfing in one of the most scenic areas in the world.  Lacarya Golf Course is surrounded by mountain peaks and Canadian wilderness.  Be sure to include it as part of your golfing adventure.


    Meticulously groomed Golf Course

    Challenge to advanced players

    Pleasure for beginners

    A true recreational course

    Suited for tournaments up to 80 players

    Great for smaller group functions

    Stay & Play (RV Park)

    Fully Licensed Restaurant


Located 5 KM South of Clearwater on Hwy #5 in Blackpool, BC.


Restaurant now open 
daily  11am - 8pm

Serving home cooked

meals & baking

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